Your Path to Becoming a Coordinator with YFU USA

Make a Difference in the Lives of International Students

Are you passionate about cultural exchange and creating lifelong connections? YFU USA invites you to embark on an extraordinary journey as a Coordinator.

Join us in our mission to empower young minds and foster cultural understanding while earning up to $1250 for every host family/student they support as a W9 contractor.

Complete Training


Flexible Part-Time Hours


A Rewarding Experience

A Rewarding

Why Become a YFU Coordinator?

  • Work from home on your own time and utilize your network to provide life-changing experiences for students and families worldwide. (Local Coordinators are w9 freelance contractors.)
  • Form lifelong connections that help foster understanding and mutual respect to improve the world.
  • Make a difference in the world, one person at a time.
  • Join a global network of like-minded individuals.
  • Share your culture while learning about others.
  • Earn trip incentives and contests.
How does it work?
  • Apply to become a YFU Local Coordinator
  • Interview with your local Community Manager
  • Once approved, sign a W9, Local Coordinator, and Criminal Background Check Agreement
  • Take and pass the Department of State SPARC exam
  • Take required training
  • Connect with your Community Manager
  • Recruit and support host families
Take the First Step Today!

Ready to embark on a life-changing adventure as a YFU Coordinator? Join our network of dedicated individuals and help shape the future of cultural exchange. Take the first step by filling out our simple application form, and one of our friendly team members will be in touch to guide you through the following steps.

Please note that the Local Coordinator Position with YFU is a freelance contractor role intended to supplement rather than replace full-time employment. Consider it an ideal side gig, blending the opportunity to earn extra income with the ethos of volunteering.

Become a YFU Coordinator today!

Why Choose YFU?

Since 1951 Youth For Understanding has connected more than half a million students with caring host families around the world from over 60 global partners. YFU is one of the oldest and most prestigious international exchange organizations in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Be a US citizen and at least 21 years old authorized to work in the United States.
  • Be able to pass a criminal background check.

There is no “typical” local coordinator! They are a diverse group, scattered across the country, and hail from various backgrounds. Among them, you’ll find stay-at-home parents, business owners, professors, newlyweds, empty nesters, and individuals with unique experiences. Some have children, while others do not. Additionally, some work alongside their spouses or partners, while others handle the role independently. The array of backgrounds and situations enriches the program and ensures a well-rounded support network for everyone involved.

Local Coordinators are encouraged to find YFU host families throughout the year. In late summer and early fall, they focus on supervisory tasks like orientations and getting to know the students and families. During the school year, they keep in touch with YFU exchange students regularly to offer support and ensure they have a fulfilling experience.

We ask our local coordinators to commit to placing exchange students throughout the year. The number of students they place depends on their availability and personal goals, ranging from one to as many as 20 YFU exchange students.

Local Coordinators receive compensation for each exchange student they successfully match with a family and for supervising their students throughout the year. Besides the financial rewards, they also earn travel incentives and other perks as part of their benefits.

Here is a breakdown of how Local Coordinators are paid:

  • LCs can earn up to $1250 per student when a host family is fully vetted, placement is finalized, and the student and host family are fully supported throughout the program.
    • $200 if the LC identifies and recruits a new family or
    • $100 for initiating contact and facilitating recruitment, application, and student match with an existing YFU family.
    • $100 for a double placement. (No additional compensation will be made during vetting for a double placement.)
    • $100 for completing the first host family interview before the student’s inbound travel.
    • $50 for a student move when LC has identified and interviewed the permanent host family. This is only paid for the first move of a student.
    • $50 upon facilitating the completion of the student post-arrival orientation by October 15th.
    • $50 for coordination of required SEE visit(s).
    • Up to $850 for timely completion of Monthly Contact Reports (MCR)submitted on time.
    • LC will be paid a $100 referral bonus for a new YFU host family, who ultimately resides outside of the area where the LC can legally work or choose to work.
    • LC shall receive a compensation of $200 for each Study Abroad participant they successfully recruit and enroll.
    • LC will be compensated $100 for every successfully recruited LC (upon the recruited LC successfully recruiting and finalizing a host family placement.)

YFU ensures that all local coordinators receive the necessary training as mandated by the US Department of State Regulations. New coordinator training is conducted online and in-person, with sessions hosted by YFU staff in Saginaw, Michigan, Community Managers in your region, and U.S. Department of State representatives. Additionally, active local coordinators have access to a wide range of free preparation materials through our extensive LC E-kit, which provides opportunities for further professional growth.

While Local Coordinators are not obligated to host an exchange student full-time, many choose to do so and discover that it enhances their connections with YFU exchange students and host families. Living the experience firsthand, they find it enriches their relationships and understanding of the program.