Below are materials for local volunteer trainings; powerpoint presentations for in person trainings, powerpoint presentations for webinar trainings and other materials to download and use as additional resources. As trainings are developed and revised they will be added to this page.



Use the power points below for webinar trainings and review the Webinar Training Criteria and Best Practices to keep participants engaged. 

YFU Compliance Review

Time Needed: 45 minutes

Purpose: This webinar will identify compliance requirements for student and host family support and describe the volunteer actions that are associated with the requirements. 

First Student Visit & SEE Visits

Time Needed: 60 minutes

Purpose: This webinar will give volunteers the tools to establish trust, share YFU policies and emphasize the importance of communication with both the student and the host family.  SEE (Student Environment Evaluation) visits are also discussed as well as how to complete the online process documentation.

Handout to accompany First Student Visits

Host Family Interviewing

Time Needed: 90 minutes

Purpose: This webinar will give volunteers the tools and knowledge to carry out a host family interview. Showing volunteers where to find resources and entering the report online, as well as sharing interview best practices are key components of the the training.

After leading this webinar, please send participants this handout: Summary of Host Family Interviewing and Screenshots.

International Students’ Re-Entry Orientation Webinar

Time Needed: 90 minutes

Purpose: Prepare students to return to their home country. Logistics, saying goodbye, and the stages of Re- Entry will be reviewed so IS can successfully reintegrate their “New Me” when they return home.

After leading this webinar, send participants these two tools: Readjustment Tips and The Goodbye Timeline

YFU Guiding Principles and Tools for Success- coming soon

Time Needed:


Host Family Placement Overview- coming soon

Time Needed:




Training and Facilitation Resources