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    YFU’s Community College Program offers international students the opportunity to study at an American community college. You can choose the length of study that’s right for you. You can choose to be in the program for a semester or up to two years, or you can participate in the English as Second Language Program. You have the ability to earn a certificate in a specialization that is relevant to your career, earn an Associate Degree from the community college, or transfer. Regardless of which path you choose to take, you will be able to explore a new language and culture, all while making lifelong friendships! With the YFU Community College Program, we help take the stress out of studying abroad by supporting you and your family during application, registration, travel and finding accommodation.


    Academic Program

    Semester, Year or English as Second Language Programs

    If one is looking for a way to partake in a day-to-day life in America, with locals and a great community, the CCP is the right choice. The mixture of family, Americans, Internationals, school, free time was perfect for me
    — Marianne, Switzerland

    Degree Program

    Two Year Program