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Right now, YFU is still counting on the financial support of friends like you to get us through the next several months until we can safely send students on exchange programs to all YFU countries. Your personal gift to YFU today is an investment in the future and reflects your leadership and vision for a more peaceful and understanding world.

By supporting YFU USA, you’ll enable learning that transforms lives. Cultural exchange introduces students to the countries and cultures that they know exist, but feel distant from. They share in day-to-day life; when seen through fresh eyes, the ordinary becomes extraordinary as host families share their traditions and customs, offering each student a unique, personal version of life. As a result, cultural exchange reinforces our common humanity by underscoring that people everywhere share the same emotions, joys, and challenges. It also humanizes diplomacy, taking it beyond the public face of policy and politics. Ultimately, cultural exchange creates powerful interpersonal experiences, increasing tolerance and helping to eliminate stereotypes. Today, more people than ever would benefit from the international exchange experience.

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My outlook of people has drastically changed because I have been shown firsthand that strong, true friendship can happen between anyone, regardless of cultural or language barriers.
— YFU scholarship recipient, Isabella, USA to Japan