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Contributions to YFU help advance and foster cultural understanding and international friendship through international high school immersion programs. YFU depends on charitable giving to maintain our Annual Fund, which allows us to sustain and grow quality programs designed to provide opportunities for students, families, and communities worldwide.

Family means embracing others who share no blood, but who entrusted their child into your care. It means broadening your horizons, learning about differences and realizing being different isn’t a bad thing. Family is finding out how much you are alike, even though you live on different continents and might only be able to communicate through a smile and hugs. Family isn’t always about sharing ancestors….sometimes it’s just about sharing love.
— Karen, Host Mom
I can without a doubt say I’ve grown as a person, become more kind to people, especially to foreigners, because I now understand very clearly the difficulty and courage it takes to go someplace new. There’s no uncertainty when I say I will be using my gained knowledge to do something good in our world…
— Nina, Alumna
I get to see the goal of exchange work: teens from different countries and religions coming together on exchange and talking about peace and understanding for the future.
— Mary Jeane, Volunteer