Educational trends around the globe are changing with more and more youth seeking short-term program options. Affordability and crowded education requirements make short-term programs appealing with a diverse body of students. YFU has been running specialized short-term programs since 2010 – see what the buzz is about and let us create a program for your next group!

Why Short Term?

YFU offers customized programs for overseas agencies, educational organizations and schools. Are you an overseas agency, educational organization, or a school that is looking for a trusted US partner to design and execute a customized program for you? YFU USA fits the bill – we have a team of staff who is dedicated to working with overseas agencies, organizations, and schools to custom-design exchange programs that fulfill your unique requirements and goals. We listen to your needs, share our 60+ years of exchange expertise with you, and collaborate with you to bring your ideas to a s successful reality! If you are a US organization interested in sending a group abroad, consider exploring our Classroom Excursions page.

Examples of services offered by YFU USA

  • Counseling on program destination, length of stay, and program content to fit your specific needs

  • Recruiting, vetting, and training US host families for your students to enhance their US experience

  • Identifying speakers and meetings at renowned institutions and confirming appointments

  • Securing informative tours of institutions/government offices led by knowledgeable guides

  • English or other themed classes taught by certified teachers for speakers of other languages

  • On-the-ground YFU USA chaperones who will accompany your group throughout the trip

  • Flight arrangement (domestic and international) and airport assistance during transit in the US

  • Local transportation arrangement

  • Orientations both pre-departure and post-arrival to help students prepare to make the most out of their experience

  • Farewell parties to make memories of a lifetime

  • Post-program reporting that can be shared with your funders or used for marketing purposes

  • 24/7 student emergency assistance

  • Medical health insurance


In the recent past, YFU has partnered with a number of overseas organizations and schools, successfully executing custom-made programs. Some of these are:

  • Kakehashi Program, sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, in cooperation with Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE) in Tokyo. YFU has run this large-scale, government-sponsored program for three years in a row, designing and executing one-week diplomatic programs for over 1,500 Japanese students in total.
  • USA for You Program, sponsored by the US Embassy in Germany, Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, and the Bosch Foundation. YFU has successfully run this unique, community service oriented program for groups of underrepresented Germany youths, including host family recruitment, securing volunteer opportunities, local high school visits, and memorable activitites.
  • YFU Short-term Programs are run in cooperation with YFU partners overseas. Recent themes include STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), Politics and Debate, Culture and Language, and College Visit. Program content is custom-made according to the participants’ interest, age, and budget.


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Interested in more information? Contact YFU at if you are interested or have questions. YFU USA team looks forward to delivering a successful program for your group!

“A major achievement of the exchange was the opportunity to see ourselves through the eyes of an exchange student. As we explained our own actions and tried to demonstrate our standard life style, we had a chance to notice the variations in our lifestyle and culture when compared to the Japanese lifestyle. This created a worthwhile opening for introspection.” – 16 years, short-term host brother

YFU’s Role

YFU supports our students every step of the way. We thoughtfully design a custom fit schedule to fit your groups needs and ensure the goals of your specific program are fulfilled. We match participants with appropriate host families that provide a deeper understanding of the diversity in the United States. Orientations, integrated language classes that enhance education visits, and custom designed additional learning materials help students fully engage and make the most of their short experience in the US.

Educator Considerations

Consider the following factors when considering the design of the program that is best for your purpose:

Short-term Participants in Washington, DC

Short-term Participants in Washington, DC

  • Participants: Who will participate? What is the age group?

  • Location: Where do they want to go? How flexible are they with location?

  • Logistics: What would you like YFU USA to do and what would you like to do yourself?

  • Goals: What are the goals for the trip and how will success be measured?

  • Growth: How will the program grow and is there the potential to scale?

To learn more about successful programs, goals, and how short-term programs can be an asset to your organization contact us at

“I think my view of the world was changed. Every experiment was impressing for me, and it changed my sense of value. The friends of… High School are my treasure. I’ll contact with them and learn America. In addition, I’d like to spread information of Japan to the world. I appreciate kindness and the opportunities a lot of people gave us.” – Japanese exchange student

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