YFU offers a number of unique hosting opportunities for families who wish to welcome an international student.  Our inbound participants and their programs are as diverse as the countries they represent; traditional academic year and semester students, academic year scholarship winners, two week summer program participants and community college students are all excited to become part of your family’s traditions.

Meet the next generation of Global Citizens coming to your Community here.     

Traditional Academic Year and Semester Students:  For 65 years, YFU has welcomed high school students (ages 15-18) to live with a host family and attend a local high school. Today, nearly 2,000 YFU high school students come to the U.S. each year from more than 70 countries. Through hosting, you will expand and enrich your own family while sharing your own, unique customs and traditions with a new son or daughter.

Academic Year Scholarship Winners: Each year, YFU welcomes scholarship winners from several US Government sponsored programs including Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX), Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Program (YES), and Future Leaders Exchange Program (FLEX). Learn more about welcoming one of these future leaders into your home.

Short Term Hosting: Discover the many benefits of hosting with short term, 2-week exchanges. Host families in Washington, DC and the surrounding areas are encouraged to get involved with this special YFU program! 


YFU is in search of families willing to extend their hosting boundaries so that students with unique profiles can experience life in America. These students may include vegans, students with environmental allergies, or teenagers with physical or medical conditions that require an understanding home.  

Does your family prepare gluten-free meals? Do you manage diabetes? Is your home peanut-free due to allergies? If your family is able to make accommodations or is familiar with creating safe environments for individuals with unique needs, please tell your field representative and ask for more information. Remember, all YFU students arrive with their own medical insurance, so don’t let this hold you back from a special learning opportunity. 

Please contact your local Field Director at 800.TEENAGE (800.833.6243) to learn more about hosting a student with lifestyle considerations.

Host Siblings

Have you ever wanted another sibling? Wished for a brother or dreamt of a sister? Hosting with YFU provides the opportunity for you and your family to add a special piece; someone you may not have known was missing!

Being a host sibling is your chance to share your interests, family traditions and American way of life. YFU matches students to your family based on interests and activities you have in common. Looking for a tennis partner or a fellow chess player that you may also call your new sibling? Or, would you just like someone with you while you do the daily chores or take a walk?  Whichever the case, YFU has a match for you. 

Curious about what life may be like once your new family member is here?  Life with an exchange student isn’t that different from today. You’re just adding another person to your daily routine. It’s like having another brother or sister with whom you can share experiences. The best part, though, is that you can learn about a new language and find out what students do in other countries do. As a host sibling, you’ll have a huge impact on someone else’s life—and he or she will have a huge impact on yours. And when your host sibling goes back to his or her homeland, your relationship will continue.

When your new brother or sister arrives, they may rely on you greatly. You may need to show them the ropes around your house, school and community and teach them about cultural differences. Sometimes, this new responsibility will seem difficult, however, with a little time, you will create a special bond and a lifelong friendship.

If you’re interested in welcoming an exchange student, talk to your parents. Let them know all the benefits there are to hosting.

Benefits of being a host family:

  • Share your story, traditions, and customs while learning about others

  • Experience what it’s like to have another sibling

  • Get exposed to a different culture and country

  • Learn a new language

  • Expose your school and community to the world

  • Appreciate your own family, country and culture

  • Become eligible for the YFU Community Grant to participate in your own study abroad experience.