NVC Secretary

Like many of you who share this passion of volunteering for YFU, I have experienced the transformative moments resulting from YFU friendships including:

·      YFU sons and daughters from three continents, some year-long and many more short term and arrival students we’ve guided on their way

·      Vicarious experience of our daughter’s exchange year in Germany as a CBYX scholar

·      Valued connections with other volunteers as an Area Coordinator, an Orientation Coordinator, and Community Trainer

After recently retiring from teaching (computer classes at a community college), I know how to communicate technical and other concepts to students with wide ranging backgrounds.  As a volunteer organizer, I also like to emphasize pulling people into the organization through deliberate inclusion and fostering those closer connections which make the experience more meaningful to all of us.  I’m committed to that concept and putting the fun and friendship into the volunteer experience.

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