Gordon Snow


Gordon Snow, of Alpena, Michigan, is currently in his 40th consecutive year of hosting YFU students, usually two at a time.  A retired elementary school teacher and principal, he began hosting as a single dad in 1978 and became a YFU volunteer in 1980.  Since then has filled nearly every volunteer role within YFU include Area Representative, Field Manager, Field Coordinator, Orientation planner and presenter, writer of orientation sessions, YFU Certified Trainer, delegate to YFU’s International Advisory Council, and as a long-term member of the National Volunteer Leadership Council.  He is the author of the original American Overseas Parent Handbook; the Orientation Coordinator Handbook was developed based on his work.  He served as Field Director in the Founders’ District 2001-2004.  When not involved directly in YFU, he directs the choir at his church, is president of the Alpena Public Schools Board of Education, volunteers weekly in an elementary school, and works occasionally as a Hospice volunteer.  Dog lover and world traveler, he has visited all seven continents and is always on the lookout for new travel opportunities, which sometimes combine with visiting his YFU sons. 


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