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What will your legacy be?

Change lives. Unite the world.

Yes! Please tell me more about how I can leave a legacy and make the world a better place!


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We often hear from people reflecting back on their YFU experience, whether as a student, host family, or volunteer, telling us it is among the most transformative experiences of their lives. By leaving a gift to YFU in your will or trust, or by beneficiary designation, you can pass on your love of cultural understanding, mutual respect, and social responsibility through educational exchanges for future generations to experience. These gifts cost you nothing now and allow you to change your beneficiaries at any time.

To discuss how you can leave a legacy of love and compassion with a gift by bequest or using retirement assets – IRA, 401(k) plans, etc. – life insurance, or real estate – please fill out the form to your right.


Legacy gifts help ensure YFU has a long and vibrant future, and are a way for you to make a lasting difference. Once you complete your estate plans, please let us know if you haven’t already, so we may thank you for your generosity by including you in The Andresen Society. This special recognition is for those supporting YFU with a legacy gift named in honor of YFU founder, Dr. Rachel Andresen. 

Dr. Andresen was an extraordinarily charismatic leader of volunteers, first in Michigan, where she was born and raised, then throughout the world. Her vision, to build international understanding and world peace, was accomplished with the creation of YFU. Dr. Andresen’s work in the field of international youth exchange earned her a Nobel Peace Prize nomination in 1973.

In Rachel’s Own Words

“Youth For Understanding is a dream come true…. To be part of it brings out the best in all of us. Each of us who has shared the magic of its being has contributed [to] something bigger than we are. We have learned to love and be loved, to trust and be trusted, to open our homes and our hearts to all people, everywhere.” -Rachel Andresen

To learn more about the Andresen Society and leaving your legacy by adding YFU USA to your will, please fill out the form in the upper right.

Andresen Society Member Spotlight

Dr. Dianne Bradley and Dr. Maurice Zeeman

In addition to serving as founding members of The Andresen Society, Dianne is also giving back as a Trustee of YFU USA.

“YFU has added so much to our lives, and also allowed us to give back to the world in a most positive way. Not having had children of our own, YFU is the way that we have been able to build our diverse, successful and rewarding family. We have hosted 13 permanent and numerous temporary kids from all over the world. We have visited them at their homes, met their parents and have taken part in their weddings. Maurice even walked one of our daughters down the aisle.

We are ‘Mom and Dad’ and their family during vacations and breaks for those who have gone to college here and during school breaks for those living in their home countries. Half of our YFU kids even came back to celebrate our 25th anniversary with us, and they had great fun meeting and getting to know each other.

One of our host daughters came back to the US to go to school, got a Ph.D., got married, got her citizenship, and now lives near us and has given us the precious gift of nearby grandchildren. She is giving back to this country by doing research on HIV and teaching at her alma mater. We have played a significant role in each other’s ‘lives after exchange.’

YFU is an organization that has provided much value to our lives. While hosting, we were always impressed with the amount of support we received and the activities provided for the students and host families. It is an organization of great integrity. YFU has earned our support now and in the future.”