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About YFU

About YFU 

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Photos of YFU Students and Host Families. Additional photo of Scott J. Messing – President & CEO of YFU USA. 
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Study Abroad with YFU – Follow Jack Dudley’s YFU Story

Discover how YFU’s Intercultural Exchange to Germany for a year changed the lives of not only Jack, but his family in the US and his new family in Germany.

Host a YFU Exchange Student

Hosting is a fun experience that energizes your family and gives you a more global perspective without you having to leave home. Your life is extraordinary to an exchange student! This is your chance to share your story, your traditions, and your customs while learning about others.

Learn About Studying Abroad with YFU

Studying abroad is not just a journey of distance and geography, but of culture and self-transformation. Discover yourself through new and challenging experiences. Find the U you’ve been looking for.

Expand Cultural Understanding with YFU

Somewhere in another country, a teenager is waiting, wondering what new high school will open a world of possibilities. If your school is open to new and enriching experiences, than accepting an international exchange student may be for you! Share our American customs and your students’ unique traditions while discovering a new culture right in your own halls.

Meet YFU Alumni

A life-changing experience. Meeting some of our alumni and hear how they made the world their home. See their individual stories on the YFU YouTube page.


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STUDENT testimonials

Keelin – Japan (2015)

During the summer before my sophomore year, I was fortunate to spend six weeks studying abroad in Yokohama, Japan. I owe this great experience to YFU. Throughout my life-changing exchange, I formed countless bonds with both my family members and school friends, became immersed and fell in love with Japan’s vast culture, and formed countless positive opinions about Japan. I also learned through my relationships with others, that communication is not merely limited to words. This experience changed my life, and I’m sure it will have a great influence on my future. I strongly encourage any interested students to participate in this program.

Frank – Germany (1985)

I can be honest and say YFU started my future. Without this experience I would not have lived and worked around the world. YFU gave me the taste for different cultures and travel. Since my YFU experience in Germany, I have lived 23 years in 9 different countries including Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Australia, the Netherlands, the UK and of course the USA. My cultural understanding experience was a highly valued commodity in work and helped me take on international roles in my company. Now I am happy it all started at 17 years old. What a jump start it gave me on life!

Jordan – Brazil (2008)

The summer of ‘08 was one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life! YFU and Toyota Manufacturing blessed me, a small town girl from eastern Kentucky, with a rare opportunity to travel to and actually live in a foreign country. During that brief summer abroad, I tried new food dishes, exchanged ideas and opinions with my amazing host family, and explored new cities. I later went on to study Portuguese and return to Brazil for a year of study abroad in college. During graduate school, I collaborated with Brazilian public health researchers, and am now using those language and professional skills for work in other countries. The YFU program is much more than just an international trip…it is a chance to grow as person and can provide a springboard for future opportunities!