Welcome to the 2021 National Pre-Departure Orientation [NPDO]! NPDO gathers soon-to-be exchange students from all over the United States and provides information about how to make the most of the exchange experience. Attendance to this orientation is a mandatory part of the exchange program for all students accepted to our 2021 semester- and year-long programs [including Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange students].




Dates and Location

Due to the global spread of COVID-19, this year’s NPDO will take place virtually. You can access the NPDOLive Website for more information about registering for sessions.

The NPDO Student and Parent Sessions will take place July 10 through July 24, 2021. Please visit the NPDOLive Website for more information about the session times and dates.

Parent Session:

Parents/Legal Guardians can register for one of the Parent Sessions by clicking on the For Parents tab.

What Happens at NPDO?

NPDO is an informative, fun-filled orientation, and it is also your introduction into your life-long YFU family. Expect to have a busy couple of weeks!

At NPDO you will:

  • Meet other YFU students from all over the country (maybe one who is going to your country!)

  • Attend informational sessions led by Team Leaders who are all YFU alumni

  • Participate in cultural activities to prepare you for your study abroad and host family living experience

The entire NPDO staff is looking forward to meeting you and helping you prepare for the amazing study abroad experience ahead of you! Register now using the buttons at the top of this page!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email ekindle@yfu.org

2016 NPDO students at North Central College

2016 NPDO students at North Central College