Classroom Excursions Abroad


Educators: Are you interested in offering your students a custom-made program that brings your classroom lessons to life?  Students:  Are you curious about the world and looking to travel with your classmates and friends? YFU Classroom Excursions are the perfect combination of adventure and discovery.  Most programs run two to three weeks and feature educational workshops, cultural exchange activities, and tours of local sites.  Each excursion is unique and centers around a specific theme, such as STEM, history, or the arts.  Students and teachers live with host families or in group accommodations while engaging in workshops and embarking on daily outings.

YFU’s Classroom Excursions offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to fully immerse yourself in a culture while touring with a group you know! Students and teachers who choose this special option are sure to discover as much about themselves as they are about their new host culture.  

Let YFU build your dream classroom travel program. YFU works out all the details including finding host families and accommodations, booking transportation (both domestic and international), ordering tickets for activities, scheduling classes (if selected), facilitating orientations, and finalizing details. From start to finish, YFU is there for you, and your students, every step of the way!

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Teachers, coaches, chaperones, or YFU volunteers who recruit 10 or more students for the same Classroom Excursion are eligible for a free trip with their group.

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Still want to go, but don’t have a group? Individual students are encouraged to contact the YFU Admissions Department to discuss potential openings in the Classroom Excursion groups or to learn about other YFU programs that are right for you.