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In the wake of World War II, 75 German teenagers were invited into American homes to build bridges of tolerance and understanding. More than 60 years later, the tradition continues as YFU welcomes students from all around the world.

Since 1951, YFU, a non-profit intercultural exchange organization, has helped students all over the globe find themselves, expand their world and discover intercultural opportunities through studying abroad. Our global network is united by the belief that full cultural immersion is the most effective means to gain the skills needed to thrive in an increasingly multicultural, interconnected and competitive global society.

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With YFU you’ll discover a community that believes in advancing intercultural understanding, mutual respect, and social responsibility through educational exchanges for youth, families and communities. Millions of lives have been impacted by YFU and our partner offices in 60+ countries, through the more than 250,000 exchange students, their host families, and volunteers who have benefited from this global learning opportunity. YFU is the intercultural exchange program for high school students, which allows you to immerse yourself in another culture, learn a new language and meet like-minded individuals who all believe in our mission. 

YFU summer programs offer you the opportunity to experience a culture like no tourist could. Most YFU summer programs are traditional homestay programs, where you’ll live with a host family and participate in family activities throughout the summer.  Imagine spending the summer exploring the wonders of Ecuador with a local family, discovering historic landmarks in France, shopping for food in a marketplace in Greece, or finding your way to the beach in a sunny Spanish town. You’ll learn how another culture lives, works and learns from the inside. In addition to summer programs, YFU offers academic and year study abroad to high school students as well.

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