2020 YFU Alumni incentive

You have all experienced the joy and learning of being an exchange student. You got to know a new culture, maybe found friends for life and discovered your second family.

You have become part of the YFU FAMILY, with members all over the globe. 


After your exchange experience, you became a YFU alumni and are now part of the vision and future of the organization. We are constantly trying to provide you with new and exciting opportunities, which help you make new connections and continue promoting intercultural understanding. 


Just like you at some point in the past, a number of YFU students are getting excited to sit in an airplane in a few weeks and are looking forward to “their year”.  

There are many exchange students still to be placed in the US, and we are asking you, our alumni, for your support! To thank you for helping us find host families in the US, we are offering a special incentive of a travel reimbursement of up to $750 USD for each US host family you are able to recruit. Use this ticket to explore the country, visit your friends and family, and have a great experience!

 We are looking for families who are willing to host for a whole year or six months, but are also seeking so-called “arrival families” who are willing to accept someone for at least 8 weeks. The families should be ready to host by August 31, 2020. 


Do you have contacts, friends or acquaintances in the USA? Then reach out to them right away! 

Refer a family or individual who might be interested in hosting an international student to YFU USA through the form on this page. 

If the family or individual you referred hosts a student arriving this August or September, you will receive a ticket voucher to your YFU host country.

Need inspiration?


If you are able to find a host family in the US for the 2020/21 program year, we would like to support you in your continued relationship with the US and will provide you with a travel voucher. If you find an Arrival or a Permanent host family, YFU USA will reimburse travels up to $750 US dollars for your flight. You must enter your eligible referrals directly on the form listed on this page prior to the host family starting their on-line YFU hosting application.  Staff members may not enter referrals on your behalf.  


All YFU alumni, volunteers, and friends are eligible to participate.

Conditions for travel reimbursement 

YFU USA is very grateful for your support in helping to find host families in the USA! We need your help to bring students one step closer to starting their exchange experience this summer.  

To thank you for reaching out to your network, we are offering you a special incentive of a travel reimbursement of $750 for every arrival or permanent host family your recruit.


  • In compliance with US Department of State guidelines for the J1 visa program, the individual submitting the referral cannot be the host family for the incoming student, nor can they reside in the same household.  

  • Referral with your name and potential host family information must be submitted no later than August 1, 2020.

  • The family must not be currently signed up to host a 2020/2021 incoming exchange student.   

  • You must enter your eligible referrals directly on the form listed on the web page prior to the host family starting their on-line YFU hosting application.  Staff members may not enter referrals on your behalf.   

  • The family must be willing to start hosting by August 31, with the intent of hosting for at least 8-10 weeks.  

  • You will be informed by the end of October 2020 by YFU USA if you are eligible for the incentive and the amount to be awarded.

  • If you would like to accept and use the travel reimbursement, the ticket must be purchased and the reimbursement form sent to your YFU partner country no later than 1 May 2021.

  • Alumni who reside in the USA will be issued a 1099 in the total amount of their incentive winnings.

  • Questions? Please contact us at for additional information.