Wabash Valley College

Mount Carmel, Illinois

Wabash Valley College is located in Mount Carmel, Illinois near the 500+ mile-long Wabash River. International students from all over the world have been coming to the WVC campus for over 20 years for the class sizes that allow students to get to know their American classmates. WVC is consistently ranked in the top 150 community colleges in the nation.

+ International Support

In addition to the International Office on campus, WVC organizes trips and activities each semester. Past activities include cookouts, shopping, bowling with our sister schools, hiking and trips to Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Nashville, Evansville, and Florida.

+ Dorms

Two brand new sets of dormitories are available to International students.

Warrior Village Housing Floor Plans

+ Degrees

From Energy Technology to Health Careers to Early Childhood Education, WVC has an area of study for you. Explore degrees and certificates at WVC.

+ Athletics and Clubs

Athletics at WVC include baseball, basketball, softball, soccer and volleyball. Clubs include the Health Professionals Club, Science Club, Marketing Business Management Club, and more.

+University Transfer

95% of WVC graduates transfer to a 4 year university, with the guidance of advisors who work individually to make sure all classes transfer. Popular transfers include University of Illinois, Indiana University and Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, as well as all over the country.


“Becoming a student at Wabash Valley College has not only inspired me to follow the path that I have chosen, but also to master the subjects that are going to be an important part of my life. Studying at a community college helped me to share breathtaking knowledge and experiences that have certainly changed many lives, including my own.”

– Mike, Russia

Intercultural Exchange Programs

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