Community College Degree Program


Two-Year Degree Program

In this program, you have the option to start with English as a Second Language (ESL) Program to develop your English skills before entering into academic courses. This program is designed to guide students towards obtaining a certificate or earning an Associate’s Degree.


2+2 Pathway

YFU USA’s CCP program can get you on your way to a Bachelor’s Degree. Students who successfully complete
the two-year degree program may be eligible to transfer
to a four-year university! YFU USA community colleges
provide pathways to many excellent universities across the United States.


Campus Coordinators are an integral part of the Community College experience.

Campus Coordinators are availabe at each of our partner colleges. They work closely with YFU to provide academic guidance and support as well as organize weekly and monthly activities for YFU international students.


Meet two Campus Coordinators

Allisen Stojanovic holds a B.A. in Spanish Language from the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay, a graduate certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota and her Masters of Public Administration degree from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Allisen has a large travel portfolio and worked as a Spanish interpreter for over 15 years. She is adjunct Spanish instructor at Fox Valley Technical College and leads student language and cultural immersion trips abroad as well.


Kelly Kester serves as the Director of International Programs at Whatcom Community College in Bellingham, Washington – USA. Kelly has worked in the field of international education for more than twenty years. Kelly earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of North Dakota with a double major in Foreign Language and International Studies, and a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics and ESL teaching certification from the University of Montana. Kelly has extensive travel experience to many parts of the world, including Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, and Thailand. Mr. Kester studied at the Universidad Nacional Autonima in Heredia, Costa Rica and completed a Fulbright Administrators program in Germany in 2008.

“I believe a lot in the experience that YFU’s CCP offers to students. In fact, just two weeks ago a French YFU student returned to visit Whatcom – 11 years after her program ended. We talked about the experience that she had at Whatcom for her CCP and it was transformative. I’ve been working YFU for nearly 18 years, and the students are really a great addition to our college. Because students are able to select classes that are of interest to them, it’s not only transformative to be immersed in a different culture, it’s also a great time for exploration of every student’s own passions. Whatcom and YFU fit well together!”





YFU and Campus Coordinators work together to place students in host families or residence halls on or near campus. This is a great way to meet American and other international friends! It’s also convenient and makes it easy to stay involved on campus.

I chose to live with a host family during my stay here in the US. What I like about it is that you get to be part of the family’s life and experience everything with them. That way you get a good insight in the American culture. My family has taken me on weekend trips, we went to football games, had family dinners and other activities. I not only got live in America, but I also got to live like an American, and this is an experience you can only get when you live with a local family.
— Ana Mae, Switzerland
30% of international students report finding housing was harder than they expected

Inside HigherEd


YFU USA’s extensive network of staff and volunteers provides students the support they need in the US: Campus Coordinators to help you navigate your new school

  • Highly-trained support managers to assist with challenges that may arise

  • Medical Insurance, giving you the chance to play sports and ensure you stay healthy

  • Experienced staff guiding you through the visa process

  • Airport and Travel assistance


What else makes CCP great?

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With the YFU Community College Program, your dedicated college coordinator will make a number of extracurricular opportunities available to you. For example, here are some of the recent activities that YFU alumni have been engaged in at their community college:

  • Student government

  • Student theater groups

  • Community service organizations

  • Athletics

  • Student musical groups

  • International student clubs

  • Honor societies


I even got the opportunity to play in the second semester’s musical. I was the protagonist. It was such a challenge for me. I was very shy in public and suddenly I had to sing and act in a foreign language in front of a public. This helped me a lot on an interpersonal level.
— Rebecca, Switzerland
I have joined the Student Senate, which supports the college in providing a good student life. I have helped solve problems, fulfill wishes and organize events like a paint night for students.
— Ana Mae, Switzerland


YFU CCP By the numbers

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“[CCP] was a great way to get my Associates degree. The classes at [my community college] were small and I made many friends during my time there. It was a great place to start studying and then transfer to Southern Illinois University Carbondale. I graduated from SIU-C in Environmental Engineering and I completed my master’s degree in Environmental Engineering.”

Nathalia from Colombia received her degree from Wabash Valley College through CCP